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Somewhere in the deep dark misty forest,Ben was shivering like a jelly on a plate. His parents were so poor they had to lead him into the forest.’Snap’ Ben spun around as fast as lightning. ‘Crunch’”what was that Ben whispered”. Ben was petrified he wanted to go home. It went darker as the sun set. […]

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Shivering,worried and starved the african town stood in silence waiting for some food they just wanted something to eat. They were expecting a big plane filled with evreything they needed, but unfortunetley that did not happen, suddenly out of no where out came a seventy foot long plane drifted across africa.They gobbled and gobbled until […]

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Grandparents are very important because they are always there for you, like if you were to fall they are always there to pick you up. Or if you make a wrong decision they are always there to put it right. I love my grandparents because they can tell you all about their history and their […]

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Listen to these fabulous writers sharing their 100 word challenges. I am so proud of their fabulous expressions and wonderful attempts at trying so hard to build up suspense and excitement. listen to ‘Olivia’ on Audioboo listen to ‘Daniel’ on Audioboo listen to ‘Emily’ on Audioboo listen to ‘Sean’ on Audioboo

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The tempreture dropped suddenly and the sun became black,then it became normal again, for a few days all the plants were black and the dinasaurs went weak so they couldnt hunt.The next day the dinasaurs decided to switch thier food but it didnt make any difference, so the dinasaurs decided to make there own food […]