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I am reading ‘ Billionaire Boy‘ by David Walliams and what a great book it is.  The main character is Joe Spud and he is super rich.  I wonder what it is like being that rich….I bet it does have it’s problems like Joe Spud found out.  He did not have any friends and found […]


Filed Under (General News) by on 01-08-2012 and tagged ,     I have found this website that has some lovely stories on it.  Click on the picture to listen to some of these stories.  Perhaps you could write a review about the ones you have listened to and what genre you think they are in.  Remember to read though your work first.  Have […]

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Hello to my fabulous class, I hope that you are enjoying your holidays and remembering to READ!  I have found something that I think you will like.  It is all about reading – remember the challenge that I set for you before the holidays? Watch the video clip and click onto the link (Story Lab) […]