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I reading ‘The famous Five’ by Enid Blyton.  I predict that they will run away and find a new island.  I think this, because the title is ‘Five Run Away Together’ I think the author choose this title, because it is very powerful.  It dosen’t tell you to much, but you still know what the […]

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My book is called ‘ The fireworks maker’s daughter ‘.   I am really enjoying this book.  I recommend you read this book because once you read the first page you don’t want to stop.  I got this book today , I couldn’t choose between ‘Georges marvellous medicine’ or ‘The firework makers daughter ‘.  I chose this book because the front cover looked interesting. I cant wait to see what […]

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Thinking stem I have been reading ‘Mr Stink’ by David Walliams.  In the story a local girl named Chloe, who has a mum standing in the election, gets the courage to talk to Mr Stink, who is a tramp.  I am curious about what Mr stinks story as he said that every tramp has a […]

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I am reading  Chitty  Chitty Bang  Bang  Flies again by Frank  Cottrell Boyce. In the story,dad  has told his family some  ‘exciting’ news, however  it  isn’t really that great. He has got sacked from his job and is really pleased. I predict that  the van is going to fly because I have  watched the first  […]