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comment: comment: As I was walking passed the sweet shop, there was a lady offering free samples of chocolate .  The chocolate tasted so divine, it was velvety in texture and was a dark golden brown colour.  They sold them in a fancy ruby red box tied with a shiny gold ribbon, which caught my […]

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comment julias high lawn Me and my granma My granma name is Dorothy. And her favour colour is blue, the best thing about  is shes nice, loving and genourous.  This year we went on holiday to Anglesea which is in the north of  Wales.With my granma and grandad.My granmas favourt thing to do is gardening […]

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Listen to these fabulous writers sharing their 100 word challenges. I am so proud of their fabulous expressions and wonderful attempts at trying so hard to build up suspense and excitement. listen to ‘Olivia’ on Audioboo listen to ‘Daniel’ on Audioboo listen to ‘Emily’ on Audioboo listen to ‘Sean’ on Audioboo

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As I was walking to my friend’s house, Lilly Graley, a car struck me.    It came out of nowhere!   The car was a big, shiny, red mean machine with music blaring from it!  I couldn’t see the driver as the windows were blackened like the midnight sky.  Then suddenly the car sped off at a […]