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My nan is so special to me because.She does lots of things for me and takes me to lots of places.She makes me laugh and always helps other people,and she works very hard.  I love her and she loves me she gives me lots of cuddles   My nan sometimes likes to play bingo,and she surprised me with a […]

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I went trick or treat on Wednesday,but it was very cold windy and wet. But I did not get allot I got 25 pence,a packet of chewing gum,a wham,and some lollies.Because it was cold my mum,nan and,sister and I decided to go to Blackpool we drove threw the illuminations my sister and I took our seatbelts off. The illuminations were so beautiful they were white and diffarrant colours,the were […]

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I was walking down the path on one bright and sunny day,it was that sunny I decided to walk to the park.On the floor as I was near the park the was a lottery ticket,for tonight.up and put it I picked it up and put it in my pocket.  when I got to the park […]

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I was playing in the park and it was really hot,we were having lots of fun we played on the swings,and slides.We both wanted to get an ice-cream,when we got to the ice-cream van,suddenly the temperature  dropped. After 5 minutes it was freezing cold.Everybody left the park.I was so so cold I did not have […]

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A mountain is a land form that rises high above the surrounding terrainin a limetad area. They are made from rocks and earth that are erode.That means that it is rocks that fall. Mountains are higher than 600 meters, those less than 600 meters are called hills. Some of the highest mountains are at the […]

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Wow I am in year 6 all ready I remember when I was just starting reception at my old hasent the time gone fast.I like my new teacher miss Duxbury, because  she is very funny. if she says somebody name and it is  wrong Mrs Duxbury would shout I SAID THAT YOU WERNT LISTENING TO ME.but I will miss my old […]

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HI  my name is kenzie,I am 10 years old. My favourite colour  is yellow. My  favourite food is chicken korma,with pilau rice and narn bread. I have one  sister and I live with my Mum Nan and Sister with my three pets called ,missy is my sisters cat,princess is my cats name and betty is the whole houses dog. My hobbies […]