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A stolen life. You may think I am a normal person, but I’m not. After the accident four years ago I have been stuck in this lousy wheelchair. I have not been able to do anything with my life like go to parties, enjoy myself or anything that I used to. Imagine how you would […]

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Evie-25 Finlay-28 Phones, Cars, Hoovers.  All the things this secret passige way is made out of.  Thankfully, no-one knows it is a secret passage way, leading to a world full of imagination.  They just think it is some Robot made out of recyceling  things.   When really they are wrong.  It’s spiney back is the stair […]

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We were just sitting down for dinner when,  The doorbell wrang.  Quickly, I went to answer it and found my hidiouse, vulgar next door neighbour, standing on the step; still looking a bit pale from being ill.  He asked me if he could see my dad about a oppointment.  (My dad is a doctor.)  I showed him the way through […]

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1. Sue had a baken roll, whereas Becky had a jam sandwhich. 2.  Amy draws alot, besides she loves it. 3.  Aron didn’t want to take his pill, nevertheless he knew he had to. 4.  I was getting bullied at school,  furthermore I told someone to put an end to it. 5.  I love animals, moreover I […]

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Prompt- Looking behind me I saw. Slowly, I pressed down the handle.  It squeeked a little, but managed it without making to much noise.  I looked left and right to make sure no one was watching and quickly stepped inside.  I took a few steps forward the door slammed behind me, which made me jump […]

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Hello 6D! My name is Julia and I am ten years old.  I have two older sisters who can be really annoying at times.  My dad is from New Zealand, but I have only been there once.  That was for christmas in 2007.  I have an uncle in New Zealand, who can do a Donald […]