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Perplexed, scared and shocked I walk further and further down the narrow gloomy path.  As the moon begins to die down the gloomy, narrow , smelly  path.  I was scared, I did not know what to do, as all I remember was being happy in the big sweet shop with my mum buying some cakes […]

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74  East Boldon Juiner school – Ellie 37  Emily  l – f year 6 Chocolate thats all I could think about, one peace left staring right at me two other people come into the room when one person gets up and reaches out for the chocolate when I shout NO that’s mine when we race for the chocolate, […]

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Grandparents are important because there always looking out for you, they love you and even your being naughty, they still love you the same way even if their not there or with you, they will love you.  If you fall or if you hurt your self they are there to pick you up and hold you in […]

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We were just sitting down for dinner when  suddenly the door slammed shut  we all turned around shocked wondering how the door has shut. My dad ran to the door and opened it with fear when he looked there was nothing there so he sat back down and finished off his dinner. The very next day we […]

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Listen to these fabulous writers sharing their 100 word challenges. I am so proud of their fabulous expressions and wonderful attempts at trying so hard to build up suspense and excitement. listen to ‘Olivia’ on Audioboo listen to ‘Daniel’ on Audioboo listen to ‘Emily’ on Audioboo listen to ‘Sean’ on Audioboo

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Today at school was existing because teachers form Finland came over to our school and told use about there language and what they do at there school. We also made poster on Finland as part of our home work to find out more facts about Finland. I learnt about Finland that half of Finland is Forest. […]

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40 St Andrews 6H Charlie 206 Ella Pomphlett Year 5  Me and my nan where driving in the car when some one ran into the road shouting WHAT IS THAT? We did not have one single clue what was going on. When suddenly a grate big light was shining in front of us it seemed to be […]

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It was almost dark we could just about see some lights in front of us, suddenly  as we got closer we could could see two red lights pearing down on us. They werent the lights of a car in front of us, they were the eyes of a robot. The robot was gargantian like a tower […]

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At the top of the huge green hill, there was alot of noise, I walked up the hill to my surprise;  a man was playing the piano, there was fireworks what exploded into the air. Lots of people had turned up, from adults too loads of tiny Children. rain started pour down , people headed for […]

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As I look behind me , I saw my shadow reflecting on the floor moving as I move. As I walck ferth down the path my shadow follows , until it gose asI was woundring where it had gone I walcked back down the path that I had just walcked up. When I got to the top […]