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We were just sitting down for dinner when I heard a screaming sound coming from outside.  I quickly jumped up knocking my chair over and ran to the door to investigate.    As I ran down the quiet street in the rain, I could just about make out a glow coming from the house at the end of […]

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Looking behind me, I saw a Bugatti Veyron speeding away from the chasing police cars.   I was wondering what had happened and who was driving the sports car at such a dangerous high speed.  I wanted to find out more so I followed the policemen on my shiny black quadbike.  As they chased the car I watched […]

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I would recommend  you read ‘Diary of a wimpy kid – The Ugly truth’.  This is one of the funniest books I have read and reminded me what it is like in school sometimes.  I really like it when things start to go wrong for Greg and how he reacts to the situation.   In one of […]

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In the  holidays  I have been to Menorca and Wales; in Menorca the beaches where   fandabidozi  we also hired a Seat Ibiza   and went to son  bou also when we where on the beach we went on peddleboats and I went down the slide.I also  had millions ice creams and lollys  that was delicous  I bet […]

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Hello, my  name is Dan  I live in bolton  and I’m  ten years old, my favourite  football team  is Liverpool.  I have one sister called Erin, she is six.  My favourite food is  pasta  and pizza also my  favourite drink is J20, my favourite pudding is Apple pie/ice cream sundae. I’m really looking forward to year […]