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Today,  we read  some really cool, spooky stories.  I liked ‘In the Back Seat’ the best, because the author described everything really well, so you could get a picture in your head.  Even though, it was a good described story, the author didn’t reveal to much.  The other story was called ‘The Hook’, which was […]

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As I walked into the dark, spooky cupboard, the light switched on behind me!  “AHHH!”  I swirled round, and found, Aimee, my twin sister standing there, laughing mockingly!   “Ha ha, very funny!”  Aimee is totally not funny!   “I scared the pee out of you!”  She laughed. The next morning, I went back down there and […]

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Read part one here Vampire!  I loved reading Twilight,  and now I was the same!  I knew how it felt!  Poor poor girl, I always thought,  now I didn’t feel like that… I felt like I could connect with her.  Strange isn’t it!  I tried and tried to get it off my mind, but it […]

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Twirling and twirling, the roller-coaster made me feel sick; but at least it drained the memory!  The night, everything changed! Ghastly, it was!  I felt doomed…  The night, I changed… It was a hazy, autumn morning!  Leaves were speckled, filling up the ground!  The peculiar milkman whistled his normal tune. Staring into space, I lay on my bed, wishing something exiting would happen!  Suddenly, I […]

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 What was that? Suddenly, I felt a chill run down my spine… The air was getting thicker and thicker, making it hard to breathe! Black figures were coming towards me… HELP!  The next morning, I felt queasy and faint almost. Life felt… strange! I knew it was him… but I couldn’t figure out why? Ma […]

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Today, I was doing some wow word searching and found some amazing adjectives! Take a look! Pique– (PEEK) feeling of hurt pride Phlegmatic– (FLEG MAT TIC) not easily excitable Infinitesimal– extremely small Disservice–  harmful action Insignificant– not important Innocuos–  not harmful Sanguine–  bloodthirsty Use these wow words in your work and you will be cooking […]

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Want to know about Finland, well read this fantasic Popplet!

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Snow fell from the sky. Summer was stuck inside, sat on her bed, so jaded; she could make a sea out of her boredness! Summer loved sports although she shared a bedroom with her older sister, Emmaline, who was 16 and didn’t want her doing stretches all over the place! SO un-fair! She wanted to […]

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If you think you have a brilliant story idea then add a sticky and explain in one or two sentences!