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Well done to our fabulous writer Anna, who is was number one on this week’s 100 word challenge. We are very proud of her and her writing. Please read her work here : Anna’s 100wc &nbsp photo rating

Read the story here ‘New population of polar bears found in the Arctic’ This story, posted on the 9th November 2012, is all about an unknown population of polar bears living on a iceberg in the arctic founded by the conservationists working for the BBC.  They were found near the coast of Canada.  The scientists […]

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It was a silent night, everyone was sleeping and all the chocolate was gone, except from one piece.  No one wanted the piece. That piece was sure everyone was asleep, it crept down stairs and there before his melting eyes was something as large as a planet! What was this strange, exciting object and were […]

Here read the story ‘stranger dumps cat in wheelie bin’ a story from first news (children’s newspaper). On Tuesday 24th August 2010! This is a tragic story were a complete and utter stranger dumps a local cat in there owners wheelie bin!  Caught on CCTV this terrible woman. Lola the cat was in the wheelie bin for […]

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Grandparents, all different in there own way,  always filling you with love and cheer. Grandparents are important because they are always there and ready. Happy to give you advice, pleased to give you advice. Grandma’s full of fun and love. Granddad’s happy to help at all times. Waving a great time with you, grandparents are […]

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It was a dark and stormy night; was that a knock at the door, or just another booming heart beat breaking the silence?  Was anyone awake or was it just me all alone in the gloomy bedroom? Was anyone there in the house as they were supposed to be or, were they out, late? Then […]

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She was at the beach, with me, forriging through the sand dunes.  We looked far down, digging and digging.  Nothing mattered just digging away at the coral couloured sand.  Something glowed, brighter and brighter.  We turned to each other.  In unison screamed.  Tried to get away.  We were stuck, tangled in the seaweed.  Reaching, and […]

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Thinking stem I have been reading ‘Mr Stink’ by David Walliams.  In the story a local girl named Chloe, who has a mum standing in the election, gets the courage to talk to Mr Stink, who is a tramp.  I am curious about what Mr stinks story as he said that every tramp has a […]

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It always snows in winter, Not in spring or summer, Yet there is a special way it snows in autum, In it’s own unique way!   It snows beaitiful colours, Like scarlet red and midnight maroon, Although not the emerald green of summer trees, That has been long forgotten in autumn!   Snowing beaitiful colours in autumn, […]