6 Responses to “Science”

  1.   brenda vuavert Says:

    We did food chains last term, hope you enjoy it! Have fun!!


  2.   TJ Says:

    I like all your games. They are all helpful. Nice job, I like that.


  3.   McKenzi Poling Says:

    These science games look like they could be both fun and help learn about the environment. I think the games could teach kids a lot. the three games look fun and learning.


  4.   Tegan S Says:

    I enjoyed playing these science games, and I feel more confident on my parts of a flower and food chains. Thank you Mrs Duxbury for putting these games on to help us learn at home. Maybe in one of our ICT lessons you could teach us how to put games like this onto the blog, I would love to know!



    •   Mrs Duxbury Says:

      You are very welcome Tegan, and I am glad that you are finding them useful. Keep going on the blog and learning lots. That is a really good idea, remind me and I will show you on Friday.


  5.   SW Says:

    These games are fun and you can learn a lot from them like I learnt new things about flowers.


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