How to leave a good comment

This is a post written by Yahya


Number one: you must always remember two give two stars (two good points) and a wish (something that they could improve on).  For the two good points  you must be specific. This means you must quote what you think they have done well. For example:  I really like how you have used amazing adjectives (this is where you quote what the amazing adjctive is) such as ‘ demonic’. To quote you must use quotation marks like these ‘………. ‘.

After you have done your two good points, think of something they could improve on. For example, they could use a similie or an adverb or a different variety of openers. But once you have given your point you must give an example of how they can use it.  So if you  have given them advice to use a similie, then put that into a sentence. For example ‘….he was as cunning as a fox…’. So remember always give an example of what you mean so that the writer understands the advice that you are trying to give them.

Number two: use schema (pronounced sc-ee-ma). This  means to think of somthing which reminds you of that thing.  Say if you went on holiday (the writer has written this) you could write about your holidays if you had a great time or not E.T.C. It is a way of conecting with the writer. You could begin your sntence by ‘I remmeber a time when…’ So use schema.

Another the way of connecting with the writer is, to ask them a question. Connect your text to things you already know. You could write about your own experiences.  You could ask a question like ‘Have you even been through this?’ Remmeber always add a question mark after your question.

Number three: always leave your blog adress. By leaving your blog adress the person’s work who you have commented is encouraged to come on to your blog and leave you a comment (hopefully). And if you have asked them a question then they can answer it on your blog. This is a great way of attracting other bloggers from around the world (who have your blog adress) to visit your blog. You should put your blog adress at the end of your comment, for example ‘from ….. at’

And finally Number four: PROOF READ your work at the end of your comment. I think that this is the most important step of them all. You should always proof read your work for spelling mistakes, words which needed to be added or simply if a sentence needs a capital letter/ full stop. It is so easy to write a sentence which does not make sense, so read out your comment softly to your self to see if it does make sense.

The way I do my comments is, first I write my comment up in word check all my grammer, spelling ETC in my comment. And then I copy (shortcut-ctrl c) and then paste  (shoutcut-ctrl v) it in to the comment bar.


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