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Grandparents are important because when your mum and dad can not look after ,you because they are working, They can. My Nan is special because she takes me places. Like once she took me to old trafford for the day When my mum was working and it was really rainy. They come to events like […]

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commented on number 482 and number 313 Suddenly, it happend… The gargantuan junk pile robot sprung into action. Its fotsteps felt like a colossal earthquake had struck the earth until the huge machinary beast took off into outer space. After a couple of minuates the robot was a tiny spec soaring in the earths atmosphere. […]

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We were just sitting down for dinner when suddenly a massive thunder rumble and a flash of fork lightning appered.  A figure stood staring at our apprehensive family sitting on the edge of their seats with anticipation. We ruluctantly carried on eating our fish and chips from the village chip shop. Suddenly, out of the […]

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On saturday I got a caravan,  and for my holidays I am going to devon in it. The camping site has a heated swimming pool, games room, restaraunt and night entertainment. This weekend im going to skipton to  go camping and the site has a farm, quad biking and outdoor and indoor playcentre. Also in the […]