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Haleema year 6 Miriam Lord Primary, Bradford and number 208 Sam East Boldon Junior school and number 216 Yesterday, I baked some scrumptious chocolate cakes, after rummaging in the cupboards for ingredients.  Once cooked, I put them on the table and covered them up so that no one pinched any.  Suddenly, I heard a loud […]

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Esther number 225 Shenfield St Mary’s Hussain number 212 Miriam Lord Primary, Bradford Grandparents are important because they are fun to be with and enjoy spending time with their families, playing games, talking and listening to all the news.  Sometimes, they have kept toys and unusual games from their childhood and they enjoy teaching another generation […]

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Esha number 156 St Peters Farnworth Zoe number 155 St Peters Farnworth James was trotting down the deserted, gloomy street waiting for his mum to pick him up.  Suddenly, James saw two blinding, glistening lights emerging closer from the darkness.  Relieved, it was James’ mum coming home from work.  His mum told him to get […]

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Dominic at Brunswhick House and he is number 230 Samuel at Brunswhick House and he is number 220 “What is that?” sniggered Jake as he walked through the deserted, lonely street. It was an old man that had died.  Immediately, Jake darted through the door to the man and exclaimed “Are you a ghost?”  There […]

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Alexander at Tether down Primary school and number 282 Amelia at St Michaels and number 318 Cantankerously, Michael thunderously stomped down the old, creaky staircase. His mum Casey screamed ” Get down here now!” Raging with fury, Casey sat down at the dining table. Michael sat down next to his father (who was very angry too).   […]

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Contract number 1. After, alternatively, although, because, before, henceforward, however, meanwhile, next, particularly, secondly, then, therefore, whatever, when, whenever, while, with, whoever and yet. Contract number 11. t-th-the-then, a-af-aft-afte-after, y-ye-yet, w-wi-wit-with, w-wh-whe-when, w-wh-whi-whil-while, b-be-bec-beca-becau-becaus-because, h-ho-how-howe-howev-howeve-however, t-th-the-ther-there-theref-therefo-therefor-therefore, w-wh-whe-when-whene-whenev-wheneve-whenever, w-wh-wha-what-whate-whatev-whateve-whatever, a-al-alt-alth-altho-althou-althoug-although, m-me-mea-mean-meanw-meanwh-meanwhi-meanwhil-meanwhile, h-he-hen-henc-hence-hencef-hencefo-hencefor-henceforw-henceforwa-henceforwar-henceforward, w-wh-who-whoe-whoev-whoeve-whoever, a-al-alt-alte-alter-altern-alterna-alternat-alternati-alternativ-alternive-alternativel-alternatively, b-be-bef-befo-befor-before, n-ne-nex-next, s-se-sec-seco-secon-second-secondl-secondly, p-pa-par-part-parti-partic-particu-particul-particula-particular-particularl-particularly. Contract number 2. Then, then, then, then, then, […]

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Olly year 6 Shenfield St Mary’s number 256. Ellie year 6 St Andrews number 258. Instantly, the gargantuan, titanium robot blasted off into thin air to get back to Robo Land.  The courageous and brave army came to stop the enormous  robot from blasting off into outer space.  Cunningly, the robot rapidly darted in and […]

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Bravely, Jim strode into the spooky, inky black, room whilst his father was playing a melancholy tune on his green piano.  Suddenly, a tiny, fat caterpillar jumped up onto his dad’s piano.  The fat, round caterpillar wriggled across the green piano and Jim’s dad played a high note, consequently the caterpillar gruesomely exploded.  Jim’s dad […]

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We were just sitting down for dinner , when suddenly Jack heard a thunderous sound that came from the paranormal cellar.  The buried cellar door opened and a crystal clear ghost hovered out.  Silently, the ghost hovered all around the house, until  he saw Jack crouched down at the table. This was the ghost of the […]