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I found the video about bullying very interesting, as you do not always realise what is happening to other people.  We need to find out why people are being nasty, as often it is because they have problems themselves which they need help with.   We need to set a good example and always check that our […]

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I looked at the plate and wondered what had happened to all my Mars bar.  It had been left for later but somebody had got to it before me.  I had planned to take it  on a bike ride  to give me the energy to cycle  for many miles.  So what should I do now? […]

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Grandparents are important because I enjoy being with them and they take me to lots of great places.  One of my Grandpa’s took me for a ride in a Aston Martin which was really fast and exciting.  My other Grandpa drives old buses in his spare time, once he took us on a school trip […]

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Today I have been to see my first James Bond film at the Cinema with my Dad and Grandpa.  It was brilliant because it was action packed and kept me on the edge of my seat. At the beginning there was an amazing chase scene where 007 went after the bad guy on a motorbike […]

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Last night I played fifa, on my ipod . I was Barcelona aganinst Real Madrid the score was five one to  me  the goal scores were Messi 2,xavi,iniesta and incredibly the goalie scored how amazing . Have any you been on fifa if yes what was the score ?  

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“What is that?” I shouted as I saw a bright light coming towards me in the dark.  The noise was very powerful; it was like nothing I had heard before.  As it got closer I looked up and saw that it was actually a police helicopter.  I immediately felt that something bad must have happened […]

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The temperature dropped suddenly and I started to get very cold, so I decided to look out of the  window and realised it was  snowing heavily.  Then I put on my winter coat and my thick gloves and played in the snow.  After a few minutes  I realised  my  friends were  building a gigantic  igloo, I helped them finish it off.  Later […]

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I have commented on numbers 4 and 80. St Mary’s Shenfield , Miss Davies’classroom’ I was going for a walk, when suddenly  I looked up and saw a huge, scary looking junk monster. It terrified me, it almost looked like it was gong to squash me.  I could see it was made from old TV’s and other […]

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