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I tuned on the T.V and the news came on.   Apparently,  There is  a planet that is made of chocolate. Amazed, shocked and puzzled I looked at my mum and said ” is it really true?”   Reluctantly, my mum turned her head and said “what do you think?” I ignored her and carried on watching T.V. I sat […]

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London fire brigade dogs are given shoes I never knew that fire brigade dogs have shoes, it says on the first new website that they wear the shoes so there paws are safe from hot floor and sharp objects.  I never thought about dogs that work for the fire brigade would get shoes.  The dogs who work […]

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Grand parents are important because They care for you My grandma lets me do her gardening They love beautiful gardens They get you the best present ever ! They are always there for you no matter what They make sure you have got a big smile on your face They give the best hug EVER They love there house […]

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Today was really fun, we was reading two story’s that were really scary, in one of the story’s there was a person in the back of the car  holding up an axe, this story was called the back seat. In the other story there was a man who escaped from prison and he had a hook on his […]

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My book is called ‘ The fireworks maker’s daughter ‘.   I am really enjoying this book.  I recommend you read this book because once you read the first page you don’t want to stop.  I got this book today , I couldn’t choose between ‘Georges marvellous medicine’ or ‘The firework makers daughter ‘.  I chose this book because the front cover looked interesting. I cant wait to see what […]

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I was sat down next to the fire and ‘all I could see were two red eyes’ staring at me. I took a quick glimpse before my mum noticed. Suddenly, I blinked and the red eyes had gone.  I thought this was a bit strange, my mum  told me to stop looking at the fire. I went to my room reluctantly, and […]

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Bob was asleep, he heard a knock.  Suddenly, he saw a red light beaming through his window.   Bob got out of  bed and saw a gargantuan robot.  He was amazed,Bob sprinted to his bed and hid him self under his bed till the sun rise.   However Bob did not know if he should tell […]

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The TINY GREEN man had lost his PIANO so he knocked on the door and asked if anyone had seen his piano but the was and evil man at the bottom of the street who loved to break things and be nasty. The evil mad had the TINY GREEN man’s piano. It was bonfire night […]

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We was sat down for dinner when…  the snow was falling down like glitter being sprinkled. I gazed of my kitchen window in amazement .The next day I woke up and I went playing in the snow, I made a snow man I used a carrot for his nose and the snowman looked really old. That […]

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Looking behind me I saw …. a Gargantuan dog it looked at me ferociously with a look of anger, I sprinted until i got to my house I stopped. The dog stopped. The dog slavered and growled, my heart was pounding like a basketball being bounced ,the dog took a step closer my heart sank I thought that […]