Perl White part 2 – 2 stories in one

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Day 5 continued

Looking around all I could see was a box, it had my mum’s name on (Cassie).  It was full of letters with writing inbetween, like a story, I started to read …

Dear Daisy,

This is what happened,

“What can I say?” asked the bamboozled child before being led off by a nurse.  Can you guess where I am? It is the hospital; for one reason yet I am here for another! I have cancer – as you already know – so I usually cannot leave the hospital until they make sure I am okay – that happens once a month. Yet this is for a different reason, one day at school I started to feel really bad, they sent me home and said I just has a bug.  Just as I thought I was better something terrible happened: I started to loose the ability to recognise peoples faces. It didn’t get better, I couldn’t see anyone – it was as if the whole world was full of strangers, I was too shy to ask anyone were they my mum so I waited for her to find me.

So there it is, please help, from Cassie.


As soon as Daisy got this letter she immediately replied,


Dear Cassie,

I know these last couple of months have been hard since you moved to England all my life has seemed dull. My mum says,

“Go and Play … you can’t stay inside ALL day – it’s not as if Cassie was your only friend.” I didn’t get this everyone I knew was because of you.  Without you I am nobody.  Here is a poem I made for you:

C-Cassie is a wonderful friend

A-Always has time to listen to your problems

S-She always says “Never give up,”

S-Sometimes has problems of her own but puts others first

I-Is that my Cassie I here you say

E-Everything about her is great

Read the first ‘s’, that’s what you have to do right now. I am sorry now I cannot help any more as I don’t know what it is like.

From Daisy


I decided to go and look for mum myself: it would be hard,but I was doing it for her!


Day 6

Yesterday it didn’t work, I couldn’t find mum and Kelly caught a nasty cold when looking with me. Suddenly, the door swung wide open, it was mum and within her arms was an orphan child, now I know why she left, she couldn’t leave this poor girl to care for herself – I guess the story still carries on about my eventful life!






9 Responses to “Perl White part 2 – 2 stories in one”

  1.   Zain Says:

    really good because of the vocabulary


  2.   Ruwaida Says:

    Wow! Your story is awesome! I can’t wait to read your second part of your story!


  3.   Amna and Hasnain Says:

    I love the acrostic poem that you made!

    B- brilliant

    L- Learning

    O- Of

    G- …..

    Can anyone think of the last word? We are stuck!


  4.   Sam Says:

    Wow visit


  5.   ayse Says:

    I really liked your story and looking forward to see more. How did you create your story in 6 days? Better if you used some metaphores and similes.


  6.   Benjamin Says:

    Awesome story! Keep up the great work!


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