My S.A.Ts results

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We got our SATs results the other day and was nervous about what I might get. But, I got really good results:

*Literacy: Level 5 ; My tutor definitely paid off

*Science: Level 5

*SPAG(spelling, punctuation and grammar): Level 5

*Maths: I was the only one in the year to get LEVEL 6

I am really proud of my results.

4 Responses to “My S.A.Ts results”

  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Yes Reece, you did do really well and all your hard work has paid off. Well done to you! Now you have got to keep it up!


  2.   Mrs Verona Gridley Says:

    Congratulations Reece!
    You should be by proud of those results. Your hard work has paid off. Good luck with all that you do in the future.
    Your blogging buddy,
    Mrs Gridley :)


  3.   Sameen Saleemi Says:

    Hi Reece! I’m so proud of your results! You probably don’t know me. My name is Sameen and I used to come to High Lawn but now I have left because I am now in Year 8. I was just checking the blog when I came across your post! Well done! Keep it up!



  4.   Jason Says:

    Hi im jason and I am in year 6 I hope I will be able to get those levels aswell and well done


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