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Well here it is the end of primary, my heart is broken, my eyes are drowing in tears, I just dont want to leave!  I’ve got friends who have been there for me since nursery and they are moving to different schools, this means we won’t see as much of each other and it will break my heart!

Caitlin, Tegan and Emily you are the three most nicest people in the world and I wouldn’t change any of you for the world! You all mean millions to me and you are my closest friends, I will never meet anyone as nice as you guys in my life because you are three of a kind and you are my BFFs!  I love you lot so much and I know that I will see Caitlin but, I will still miss her millions because we won’t as much as each other.  I just wish that Caitlin ,Tegan and Emily were going to the same school and where in the same form as me…                I will miss them with all my heart because they are the ones that make me laugh ans smile every day, love you lot millions and zillions! x x x

Mrs Duxbury, well where do I begin?….. You are the nicest teacher in the world and I wouldn’t change you for the world, you have made year six, year six!  On Friday My heart will break because I will miss you zillions,  you haven’t just been a teacher to me, you have been a friend and I’m going to try and visit you every day if I can because you mean the world to me!  Without you I wouldn’t of the S.A.Ts results I wanted so Thank you!  I’ll miss you millions and zillions! x x x

I will miss everyone zillions and good luck for the future everyone! Oh and bye bye… its time for your new chapter…! xxx

Ellie xxx

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  1.   Mrs Verona Gridley Says:

    I feel so sad for you. Your writing is so full of emotion and yet many great memories and experiences. Enjoy your last two days.
    Your blogging buddy
    Mrs Gridley :)


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