ALAN PEAT sentence types.

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On Thursday Mrs Duxbury went on a reading course and guess who she met? ALAN PEAT! She met ‘the’ Alan Peat. Mrs Duxbury couldn’t wait to meet him so she took an iPad with her to the course. She took lots of pictures and I am sure she’ll put them on the the blog! Here are some examples of ALAN PEAT sentences.

BOYS sentence. A BOYS sentence is when you have  BUT, OR, YET or SO in your sentence.  Here is my sentence.   Mrs Duxbury is such an amazing teacher but if you get on the wrong sde of her… RUN!

2A sentence. A 2A sentence is when you have 2 adjectives before your noun. Here is my sentence.  Hurriedly, the boy ran across the road, escaping from the fierce, creepy robber. REMEMBER TO HAVE YOUR COMMA SEPERATING YOUR 2 ADJECTIVES! This is very important…

SOME ; OTHER sentence. A SOME ; OTHER sentence is when you begin your sentence with some, put a semi colon in before other and your sentence is complete. Here’s my sentence. Some people like the singer Justin Bieber ; others prefer female singer like Rita Ora.

3_ed sentence. A 3_ed sentence is when you start your sentence with 3 words that end in ED. Here’s my sentence.  Frightened, starved, petrified, Hansel and Gretal ran away from the big, bad Wolf.

2 PAIR sentence. A 2 pair sentence is a sentence that starts off with 2 adjectives that relate.  For example…  Worried yet abandoned, horrified yet hungry, I ran from the dragon as fast as my legs could carry me.

VERB : PERSON sentence. A verb person sentence is where you have any verb at the beginning of your sentence, then place your comma. After that, write about the person who you are talking about. Example… Flying , John had always been terified of it.

DE : DE sentence. A DE : DE sentence is when you have your Description before the colon and Detail after the colon. Heres my sentence. Slugs are slow : they take 2 hours to cross a narrow road.


If you would like to view a powerpoint about these sentences then CLICK HERE!


73 Responses to “ALAN PEAT sentence types.”

  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Hello Aamina,
    thank you for sharing with the world how giddy and excited I got about meeting Alan Peat. I know you all enjoyed looking at my pictures and hearing about how wonderful I tought the course was. It also showed you that as your teacher, I love to learn new things each and everyday and bring them into the classroom to try and make learnign fun for you.

    What has really impressed me Aamina is the way you have obviously spent alot of time looking for these websites yourself. This makes me really proud and I ma sure you have learnt so much from doing it.
    Perhaps you could do a post on how you think these sentence types have helped your to improve your writing.
    Thank you once again Aamina, and keep up this magic!


    •   Aamina N Says:

      Dear Mrs Duxbury,
      I can’t believe that you gave me 10 raffle tickets just for doing this on the blog! These sentence types have really helped me in my work and I am sure that these wil also help me aim for a level 5 in Literacy!
      Aamina N


  2.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    OOH Aamina, I have just spotted this sentence..’Mrs Duxbury is such an amazing teacher but if you get on the wrong side of her… RUN!’ It does make me sound rather scary (and I hope I am not).

    Look at this sentence – what would Pie Corbett say to you? ‘Frightened, starved, petrified, Hansel and Gretal ran away from the big, bad Wolf.’
    Can you ad your ideas as a comment please.


    •   YahyaP Says:

      Dear Mrs Duxbury,
      Aamina is right you are an amazing teaher! In here 3ED sentence Aamina has used ‘Frightned…Petrified…’. However they both mean the same thing!


  3.   Alan Peat Says:

    Well, what a lovely blog! I’m really pleased that you are enjoying using my sentence types. Tell Mrs Duxbury that she might scare people if she adds the photographs of me!!!!!
    Keep up the great work!


  4.   Kenzie Says:

    I cant believe how much FANTASTIC work you have done, How long did this take you to do? Just one thing on your 3-ED sentence you have put worried and petrified but, I am thinking don`t they mean the same thing? But well I have not said this to you yet Well Done!
    Keep up the fantastic work.
    From Kenzie

    :) :) :) :) x


  5.   Mrs. Haig Says:

    I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for your post, it helped me enormously when I was writing my story as did the example you have included: I particularly liked DE:DE sentence about the slug!
    I have written Part Two and the story is finished…but I need to uplevel it now and I will be referring back to your post again so that I can add as many Alan Peat sentence types as possible!


  6.   Aamina I Says:

    Dear Aamina,
    WOW! I can`t believe you went home and did Alan peat sentences, Mrs Duxbury did not even tell you to do it. You must of spent a very long time, I really liked your 2 pair sentence.
    Keep it up!

    From Aamina I


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