A life paralyzed…

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Paralyzed! I was lay in the bed, the smell of disinfectant all around me.  I could hear the cries and moans of the other patients, visitors trying to soothe them!

“Ellie, your Mum and Dad are here!” Suddenly, I jumped up and started smiling!  Mum and Dad was here, to come and see me since that night.  I still couldn’t believe it! Mum came and sat next to me, and my Dad sat at the end of the bed! He has always hated these places!

“You O.K Ellie?”, Dad asked, “I know that it is hard, but it’s not your fault!”

“Yeah, I’m sure you will get better!” I felt kinda sad when they left.  They helped me get over it!  I knew I wouldn’t be able to do most of the things girls my age could do, but everyone was different! I would get better!  But, I wasn’t so sure when!

I didn’t get many visitor the next week;  Mum was at work and so was dad!  The only people who came to visit was Nana and Granddad.  They helped me so much, I almost felt better!  Like I could do anything!  Anything I wanted to! Once they left, I started reading my favourite book, ‘The Famous Five!  I loved it!  It was the only thing I could do, by myself!

I knew it would get better!  The doctor just said to Mum and me, that I was getting much better, and should be out in a week!  I cannot wait to go back to school and see what I have missed!  I read the last page of my book, and stared at the white, stony ceiling, happy that I was getting out!

The next week, Doctor Marsh got me a wheel chair and pushed me outside, where an ambulance was waiting!  I was so excited, yet scared at what people were going to say.  And how they would re-act.  Dad was waiting for us at home, with sausage and mash on our ‘special plates’!  We all ate our tea in silence, but by the expression on Mum’s face everyone was happy!

The next morning, Mum came and helped me get dressed, (though I could of done it my self!)  Then she made my breakfast and drove me off to school!  At school, everyone was being really nice!  Especially, Lila!  Lila was the prettiest and most populist girl in our school.  She normally hated me!  It was really strange, because almost everything was different!

After three weeks, I had to go back into ‘The Death Place’  Mum left for work with Dad, whilst they checked me!  They said it hadn’t got any worse, but I would need a minor operation!  What should I do?  Risk it and almost be killed, or not take it and be killed?  It was a decision only I could make…

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  1.   Lynda D (Team 100WC) Says:

    Wow! That is pretty impressive writing! I will definitely buy your first book. Very well done.


  2.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Charlotte, this is wonderfully written and you have really engaged the reader in the story. I could really empathise with the characters and the dilemma that she faced. I really do hope you continue the story as I know everyone will want to know what happens next.
    ‘Lila was the prettiest and most populist girl in our school.’ – what word in this sentence is not a word used correctly? What should it be?


  3.   CharlotteW Says:

    Populist isn’t a word! Thank you for your nice comments!


  4.   Mr Sutton Says:

    Well done, you sustained the idea of the story right through to the end. I’m intrigued to know what the illness is.

    One thing occurred to me, if you were so ill maybe you wouldn’t have “jumped up” when your mum and dad arrived. Perhaps that could be rephrased.

    Also, “populist” is a word, but it doesn’t quite mean “popular”.

    Keep blogging your stories.


  5.   Aamina N Says:

    What an amazing story Charlotte! I like how you have magpied the body of the story from Julia… What an amazing story, I didn’t know that you were SUCH a talented writer! Well done, there’s only ONE thing to do… KEEP IT UP!


  6.   Callum - Maple Says:

    Hi Charlotte, your a really good reader. I liked the connectives you have used. I also liked the first sentence. Visit our blog:

    From Callum at Maple class.


  7.   Anna Says:

    Dear Charlotte, what a great and wonderful story. It blew me away. I didn’t know you were such a TALENTED writer. Wow, it was such a great story, well done! From Anna


  8.   CharlotteW Says:

    Thank you!


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