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I found the video about bullying very interesting, as you do not always realise what is happening to other people.  We need to find out why people are being nasty, as often it is because they have problems themselves which they need help with.   We need to set a good example and always check that our friends are OK.  If somebody continues to bully they should be dealt with and the matter taken seriously.  A few times in the past I have been upset by the way I have been treated in the playground but after telling my teacher it has improved.     –  Number 1 Mr Collins School Class 8M    – Number 21 Uthman – Canada.

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  1.   Diethild Starkmeth Team - 100WC Says:

    Nice job, Daniel!
    It is very kind of you to consider that the bullies need as much help as the people they mistreat. I agree with you that checking on our friends and asking them how they are doing is a good method to prevent people from feeling lonely.
    Keep up the great work!
    Kind regards,


  2.   Mrs Sandiford Says:

    Love it Daniel.
    I am very impressed by the way you look at the bully as having a big problem. It is not right for any person to bully another but the feelings and emotions of both people should be taken into consideration and dealt with in the right way. Well done on a very mature piece of writing.


  3.   Laura Team100WC Says:

    This is a thoughtful 100WC on bullying, Daniel. I especially liked how you included your own opinion on the anti bullying video. You explained both the victims’ feelings and the bullies, which was a brilliant idea.

    Lovely work, Daniel! 🙂

    Laura Team100WC


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