100 word challange- week 10-Julia

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Dredding going to school, I put on my uniform.  To people at school, I was Freak, or Geek.  Unwanted, worried, and frightened what might await me at school, I climbed on the bus, full of people.  They stare at me.

“Here she is.”  He teases,  “Hey Geek, want to grab a seat.  Oh sorry, there all taken” A smile slid up on everyones face, as they all sniggered at me.  Tears pricked my eyes, as I took the front seat, away from everyone.

I just want to give you a little message.  It takes one word to hurt someones feelings, so stop bullying.




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  1.   annalesel Says:

    Wow Julia that was really good. I like how you said ‘ it takes one word to hurt someone’s feelings ‘ because it is a really important message also, I like how you have used a 3ED sentence. Maybe next time you could tell the reader how she or he was feeling.
    From Annalese


    •   Julia Says:

      Dear Annalese,
      Thank you for your comment. Do you enjoy writing the 100 WC? Yes, maybe I could dscribe how they are feeling, maybe using show not tell. Thank you Annalese, I will try to use these things, in my next peice of writing.
      From Julia


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