The Runaway Boy

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Tegan has made her story into a book. Read her first copy of the story here.

 Please click on the picture to see how she has published this story into a book (including the price and bar code).  Her sister has drawn the pictures and her dad has written a review for the blurb.  

We think it is amazing so please leave her a comment.  Thank you. 



The Runaway Boy

2 Responses to “The Runaway Boy”

  1.   Aamina N Says:

    AMAZING Tegan! What an amazing story. I loved reading this story… especially looking at your sister (Caitlins) illustrations..

    Well done Tegan, ITS ACE!


  2.   Tegan Says:

    Thank you very much Aamina! I am glad you liked my story…My sister really is a true artist, I cant wait to write more stories like this. What was your favourite part of the story Aamina?


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