First news Gorrilas Harrison

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Read it here Gorrilas get a new garden

If you were a gorrila, would you like your enclosure turned into an edible mountain?  I found it strange how the gorrilas discarded the lavender and sunflowers, yet not so suprising that they dived immediately for the bannana leaves!  I have been to howlets quite a lot because it is near cantebury and that is where  my grandparents and some of my coisins live. I didn’t know that Lorna Wanless was the head of the gorrila section though I know that the speciality  is gorrilas at  Howlets. Astonishing, Howlets was a privite park some years back and I remember it!You wouldn’t Belive it but Howlets have a 90-acre Gorrila site! I wonder what ‘flora’ is?

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