First News and Oxford Owl!

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In class, we have been going on to ‘Oxford Owl’ and ‘First News’, during Guided Reading.

Oxford Owl is a fun way of reading any sort of books! But, on the computer! If you want to go on to Oxford Owl click here! It will take you to all of the books you can read in Oxford Owl! Some books are free, but others aren’t. The books with a E at the corner are free! On some books, you can listen to someone reading the book, but others you can read! It is just like a real book, because you can flick the pages!

First News is a newspaper, with lots of different article you can choose from! If you want to read the news on First News, click here! You can read some crazy stories, sad stories, even stories about school! You can leave a comment, but you have to apply to the website first! They are very good!

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