Yahya’s 100 hundred word challange

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Shattered, tired and horrified Jack crept down the creaky old stair case. Quiet and alone conscious and scared he tiptoed across the dark and dingy hall way as slow as a lion stalking it’s prey intently . The only thing he saw was a of-white, plate with a piece of scrumptious, delightful fudge cake. His mind was swept away from fear, as his face began to glow over the small piece of chocolate. Ravenously, he grabbed the chocolate and devoured it all in one gulp because he did not want his demonic cat to devour it. And finally after a very small but tasty midnight snack he went to bed.

Commented on:  109.Callum @ Shenfield St Marys

Commented on: 107.Aaron Year 5 Stubbins Primary School

4 Responses to “Yahya’s 100 hundred word challange”

  1.   Mrs Fine 100WC Team Says:

    Hi Yahya
    I love your piece about the chocolate. You use so many different types of sentences that your writing style is very interesting to read. I particularly like the sentence that starts ‘Ravenously, he grabbed… And then, as for a demonic cat – it reminds be of Six Dinner Sid in one of his guises. Well done.


    •   YahyaP Says:

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment. I did enjoy writing this 100wc. Is there anything I could improve on in my writing?


  2.   danielt Says:

    Wow Yahya, that was a sentational 100WC, you have really thought about what you were writing. I also loved how you used brilliant VCOP and I liked your amazing openers. Kepp up the good work. 🙂


  3.   Chloe Says:

    Wow Yahya! That was.. AMAZING! I’ve never seen such fantastic writing before, keep up the good work. Well done for using the VCOP!

    Chloe 🙂


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