Aamina Nathas 100wc… ENJOY!

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The movie was just about to start (Twilight breaking dawn part 2). We got some popcorn, caramel and some galaxy to eat during the film.We couldent afford to go cinemas so we always did a home movie on our old, boring panasonic tv. Did I mention… we also had 2 WHOLE celebration boxes in front of us including a hereos box. “HEY… THAT LAST MARS BAR IS MINE,” yelled John.  “NO ITS MINE,” yelled Jimmy, looking more fustrated than ever. This argurment lasted about 25 minutes until they finally comprimised that they will pick out a name from the hat. Then… DRUMROLL PLEASE… out of the hat was ….

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    Mrs Duxbury…. My commenst are not on the blog just as yet.


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