100WC week 9 Julia

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Getting fuller, and fuller, I ate the chocolate cake, until I felt as fat as a gobstopper, about to burst with flavour.  Then suddenly, everyone was in a freze frame, as if they had been hypmotized.  When suddenly, I looked down at my plate, and there was just a tiny peice lying on, my new, polished plate.  Perplexed, I stared blankly, at my plate.  Everyone mithered me asking,

“Are you all right Emma?”  I didn’t reply.  Then suddenly, a claw scraped my leg.  I screamed as everything became a freeze frame again, as it swiftly took me away, to a unknown place.


63 Charlotte Burravoe Primary

67 Matty Greenfields Primary


3 Responses to “100WC week 9 Julia”

  1.   Lynda D (Team 100WC) Says:

    What a mystery. I’ll be very careful when eating chocolate cake in future! This would be a great start to a longer story. I’d love to know what happened. Well done for taking part in the 100 Word Challenge this week.


  2.   Julia Says:

    Dear Lynda,
    Thank you for your comment, and it is mostly from the 100 WC blog prompts, that I get some more ideas for my story.
    From Julia.


  3.   siobhan miller Says:

    Hi Julia, I’m Siobhan form the 100 WC Team.
    Wow spooky, would love to find out what happens next. keep up the good work.


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