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As I was walking passed the sweet shop, there was a lady offering free samples of chocolate .  The chocolate tasted so divine, it was velvety in texture and was a dark golden brown colour.  They sold them in a fancy ruby red box tied with a shiny gold ribbon, which caught my eye immediately.  I asked the lady ‘how much would it cost for the small box for my mum’s birthday?’  She replied ‘how much have you got in your purse young lady?’  As I looked into my purse there was a few silver coins.  ‘Is this enough?’ I asked.  The lady replied ..


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  1.   Rachael (Team 100WC) Says:

    Ooh I like how you leave your story on a cliffhanger Olivia! You described the chocolate so well that I want some now! I wanted you to have some too but now I’ll never know what the lady replied… Great writing, well done!


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