‘Just Dance’ in P.E.

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 Watch the video below and leave a comment about what you enjoyed doing in this lesson and what you learnt. 


5 Responses to “‘Just Dance’ in P.E.”

  1.   danielb Says:

    I enjoyedd watching the video and think it was funny seeing the whole class dancing.


  2.   Julia Says:

    I loved that P.E. lesson. It is so embarrasing, seeing myself dance, but enjoyed everyone else having a good time, dancing. I hope we do that song again! What was your favourite song we did, and why? (It can be from any Just dance P.E.lesson).
    From Julia


  3.   Daniel's Mum and Dad Says:

    We enjoyed watching the video of ‘Just Dance’.

    Well done to everyone in 6D.

    Looking forward to seeing the next one!!


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