Will I know The Truth? by Tegan

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I was sat on the damp, rust bench staring into the dark deep water.  Memories filled my mind.  Sad memories.  Happy memories.  I could Picture my whole life story flashing in front of my eyes;  One memory I thought of five or six times.  Tears pricked my eyes and my heart suddenly dropped.  I couldn’t get the haunting thought out of my mind.

I dropped my sketch book and ran; I wasn’t able to control myself any longer.  Not knowing where to run to, I couldn’t stop myself.  Soon I stopped, fell to the ground, and let out all the bitterness.  I don’t know what had come over me.  Thinking hard, I remembered the memory I got so upset about back at the reserviour.

It was a letter I got, when I was nine, of grandpa. It read egsactly this:

Dear Jimmy,

I’ve decided that you are old enough to know the truth, so I have wrote this letter.

When you were a young boy (around 8 months of age) your mother had fallen out with me, and I never saw you for about five years after that.  Then one day, the 21st of October, I went to visit you at the hospital.  You had fallen and broken 7 bones, you had two fractures and sprained your ankle. I remember your mother was angry with me, and said it was all my fault, but I believe that I hadn’t done anything.

I hadn’t seen you in five years, yet all I could think about was your rotten mother blaming me for your terrible accident   I tried to forget about it and put my focus on you, how badly hurt you were, but unfortunately that was not going to happen.

That night I went home and regretted everything I had done that day, now I regret it even more…I had ruined your life and your future.

I am truly sorry but I cannot write anymore, all I can say is your mother you have now is not the person you think she is!

Grandpa Bill xx (3 thornhold drive BL1 9EX)

I had never wrote back to him.  Is he still alive? I walked back home, and explained to dad that I wouldn’t let this memory haunt me any longer.  I rushed upstairs and wrote back:

Dear Grandpa Bill

I am Jimmy, I am replying to your letter you wrote to me two years ago. Please write back and tell me the truth about my mother. I asked my Dad, but all he would tell me was that my mother I call mother now is not my real mother. Please can you tell me more and write back.

Jimmy xx (9 Southgroven Avenue, BL1 99P.)

That night I went and posted my letter at the nearest postbox. I waited five weeks hoping for a reply, but there was no luck. Then one day it came; I was watching the news, and there was a sudden death of a man called Bill Corley. Bill Corley was my grandpa I sent the letter to. I know because there was a picture sent round to his family (we got one) and he was holding the letter I wrote to him.

Me and my Dad organized the funeral and that very night he told me the truth about my mother. Because Dad was so upset and worring that I might not be coping with everything, he broke up with his girlfriend. I never knew that something like this would actually happen to me, but there is nothing I can do about it now. My life has changed, and now I think about everything in a different way.

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  1.   Karen (Tegan's Auntie) Says:

    well done Tegan, I can see you tried really hard with this, keep It up.

    Auntie Karen


  2.   Caitlin (Tegan's Sister) Says:

    This is a very interesting story and I know you spent a very long time writing this. It is very imaginative and includes a lot of detail. To make it even better you could read through your work and check your spellings before uploading it but that is not really that important.



    •   Mrs Duxbury Says:

      Thank you for your lovely comment Caitlin, although we think it is very important to proofread our work at all times, looking to uplevel and correct our spellings.


  3.   Julia Says:

    Dear Tegan,
    I really enjoyed reading your story, and well done for using a 2A sentance! I never knew you were such a talanted writer, and uld love to see some more of your writing. I love the way you described the characters feelings, using show not tell. ‘I wasn’t able to controll myself.’ Maybe next time, you could try to talk, and connect to the reader. But it is still a good peice of writing even if you don’t. Well done, and keep it up!
    From Julia


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