Tegan’s 100 Word Challenge.

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We were all in the living room watching a film and eating biscuits, when something hit me.  I did not know what it was and turned round to find nothing.  I just ignored it and carried on watching the film, untill my sister screamed for my dad; she was upstairs getting ready for her christmas party with her rotten friends.  We all rushed upstairs to see what was the matter, and when we got into her bedroom a giant fly was hovering around the room.  Suddenly, it rushed past me and flew downstairs, entering the living room. We eventually got downstairs and saw that the last buiscuit was GONE!

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3 Responses to “Tegan’s 100 Word Challenge.”

  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    A giant fly steling a biscuit…what wonderful imagination Tegan. I wonder where your inspiration came from? I would have like to have seen some vaied sentence openers (like 2 pairs or 3_ed sentences) in your writing. Perhaps you could have another go at doing this and uplevel it.


  2.   charlie Says:

    Hi my name is Charlie, thanks for commenting on my blog I really like your story, it was a good idea about the mutant fly. small flys are annoying enough and I wouldn’t want a big one to deal with.
    thanks for the comment again hope to hear another of your stories.
    P.S what country are you from


  3.   Jenna (Team 100 WC) Says:

    Tegan, what a brilliant 100 WC story, you’ve used the prompt very well and crest a brilliant read. I really enjoyed it, we’ll done 🙂


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