First News – Caitlin.

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I have been reading on First news – Twilight films.

Are you excited? Twilight breaking dawn part 2 will be out in cinemas on the 16/11/12. I cant wait beacause I am a big fan of Twilight. I have read all of the books. After I read the books I watched the films of Twilight because my Mum got told by her friends at work. I cant wait till the ‘The Breaking Dawn Part 2’ comes out because im going to watch it. For the first time ever at some cinema’s they will be filmed after another in order they came out. Not all cimnemas are doing it though. My best part of reading the news was when they mentioned the date of the new Twilight will be coming out because I get butterflies in my belly. The first news tells you quiet a bit about the new film. Some cinemas might not be filming them all but might be filming the new one. Make sure you read the artical and get booking to watch it!


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