100 word challenge! Charlotte.W

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70.   Ester

 71.  James

‘Creak’, went the door behind  Ben.   Alex knew that Ben would do that.   Make sure that he didn’t wake everyone up,  so that he could get the first piece of chocalate!  All was dark outside, except the lights off the streetlamps.  Defenseless, unafraid, Alex crept down the grate, senile staircase.  He followed Ben into the kitchen and watched him creep down into the deep, dark scullery. He stod at the door, when he heard Mum get up.  Quickly, Alex ran back into his bed, and he waited for Mum to wake him up.  When Alex went down, all that was left was one little piece…


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  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Charlotte, what an imaginative piece of writing, well done! I can see you have uses a 2A sentence, as well as starting a sentence with an adverb. I would like to see more connectives in your writing please.


  2.   CharlotteW Says:

    Thank you! I will try to use more connectives!


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