All about my Grandparents

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225.Esther @ Shenfield St Marys
222.Ellie R Y5, Class Ash St Andrews CE Yeminster

G is for the grand gift’s they give you on each visit,
R is for rest which they always look for,
A is for amazing because they get what you want,
N is for nice because they are always there for you.
D is for desiring the best for their grandchildren,

P is for pleasant,
A is for adventurous,
R is for rare because they are on of a kind,

E is for exciting,
N is for Noble,
T is for trust as you can tell them your secrets,
S is for super jokes they always call out.

This is why Grandparents are so important

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  1.   YahyaP Says:

    I think Grandparents are the second closest thing to you after your parents because you love your parents a your parents love their parents which are your grandparents.


  2.   YahyaP Says:

    I also think that Grandparents can spoil you some of the times, like once my Grandad took to this huge fishing place and we got some fresh fish.


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