Stranger dumps cat in wheelie bin! by Anna from first news

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Here read the story ‘stranger dumps cat in wheelie bin’ a story from first news (children’s newspaper). On Tuesday 24th August 2010!

This is a tragic story were a complete and utter stranger dumps a local cat in there owners wheelie bin!  Caught on CCTV this terrible woman. Lola the cat was in the wheelie bin for 15 hours and was absolutely innocent as the stranger was seen stroking the cat then dumping her in the wheelie bin. The woman was tracked down by the RSPCA!

I learnt from this news article that even the most harmless of animals can be cruelly treated by someone that has not been harmed or hurt by thee animal!  The woman was seen stroking the cat then slamming the lid shut and I know that I would be upset if Lola was my cat!  I have learnt that many families know when there cat is in trouble as Lola’s owners came out straight away when they heard her screams for help.  Look at more articles and you will be amazed at the shocking stories you find! You will find stories about animals to showbiz, all on this website!

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  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Thank you for this post Anna, even if reading it made me a little bit sad.
    Are you enjoying reading the clips from ‘First News’?


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