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I had a great night yesterday!  I went over to my Nana’s house, for her birthday, and I realised that grandparents are important, because they used to be young too!  I know that it is hard to believe, but it is true.  They used to go to school, do homework and everything we did!  They are no different!   They love us like we love them too!

My Nana told me to sit at the table, and play cards, whilst Grandad made tea!  We were having a Sunday lunch, (even though, it was a Friday!)  I won two, but she beat me five times! Wow!


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4 Responses to “Grandparents!”

  1.   Olusola(Team 100wc) Says:

    Hi Charlotte, thank you for this entry in 100 word challenge.
    You gave a different perspective to the importance of grandparents. I guess you were trying to explain that we can learn from their past experiences since they were once young and could tell us how things were done and felt during their time. Kudos!


  2.   Lydia + Holly Says:

    To Charlotte.
    Yes there were once like us, that is true, your grandma must be good at playing cards!


  3.   katie Says:

    I like grandpearents did you know that you can learn from their past experiences.


  4.   CharlotteW Says:

    Thank you!


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