100 Word Challenge…Grandparents…Tegan

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My granparents are important to me because

They always make me happy when I am down, and never make me frown.

They are kind and take care of you, and always cook srumsious food.

They may be ill but always care, and most of the time have beautiful hair.

They like a cup of tea, but defenatly don’t like bees.

Grandparents are like glue, once you have them you don’t want to get rid of them.

They have wonderfull friends, and with grandparents, the fun never ends!

This is why Grandparents are so important.

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4 Responses to “100 Word Challenge…Grandparents…Tegan”

  1.   Blodwen Says:

    This is great Tegan, I like your rhymes and the fact that you are good friends with grandparents. I wonder why the don’t like bees. do they like honey?
    Well done


  2.   Ben tustin Says:

    I agree this is a wonderful peace of work well done!


  3.   Charlotte Says:

    this is a really good description of grandparents welldone


  4.   Lydia + Holly Says:

    Some lovely rhymes and really nice things said, we totally agree!


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