100 WC week 8- Julia

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Grandparents are good because

They care for you,

They cared for me when I was a little baby,

They are a shoulder to cry on when you’re sad,

They help you with your problems,

They tell you about their past,

They cheer you up when your feeling down,

They look after you when your parents are out,

They buy you great christmas presents,

They give you money to buy things when you’ve forgotten your own,

They help you with your homework,

My Grandad picks me up from school on Mondays and Tuesdays,

They love me, and I love them.


Maggie, Stubbins primary,182

Charlotte,Maple Class, 186


10 Responses to “100 WC week 8- Julia”

  1.   mohammed Says:

    I like your 100wc it was great about grandpa,s and I liked the bit were you said they love me, and I love them


    •   Julia Says:

      Dear Mohammed,
      Thank you for your comment,I hope you enjoyed reading it. I actually magpied ‘They love me, and I love them.’ from someone elses 100 WC, because I liked that bit too.
      From Julia


  2.   Leyla Says:

    Your piece of writing is brilliant about grandparents


  3.   abdella Says:

    Yes thats true. 🙂


  4.   Sameer Says:

    Some very good points i loved them!


  5.   abdella Says:

    Grandperents do help you.


  6.   Leyla Says:

    Your piece of writing is brilliant it tells a lot about granparents.


  7.   Awais Says:

    Wow that was amazing I really enjoyed it !!


  8.   Maggie stubbins Says:

    Hi Julia I really like your 100 wc entry ( hope you do well.) Thank you very much for writing a really nice comment on my work ,it made my day. Today my class and year six went on a school trip to Blackpool ,there is a video with lots of pictures on check it out.


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