‘The Famous Five’

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I reading ‘The famous Five’ by Enid Blyton.  I predict that they will run away and find a new island.  I think this, because the title is ‘Five Run Away Together’ I think the author choose this title, because it is very powerful.  It dosen’t tell you to much, but you still know what the story is going to be about.

To summarise the first paragraph:  Children arrive home, and get ready to go to their ‘Specail Kirrin Island’  I like how the author described the children ‘ as hungry as wild hunters.  In this story, I would most like to meet George, because she seems like a adventurous girl, and would love to know why she wants to be a boy.

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  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Much better Charlotte, I wonder if you can predict what might happen next?


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