100 WC – week 8

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Grandparents are important because I enjoy being with them and they take me to lots of great places.  One of my Grandpa’s took me for a ride in a Aston Martin which was really fast and exciting.  My other Grandpa drives old buses in his spare time, once he took us on a school trip to Manchester in year 4.  I also think they are special because they sometimes take me on holidays; this year we went to Florida which was fabulous.  I also enjoy sleeping at their house sometimes for a treat, we get to stay up late and have fun.

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  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Well done Daniel, you have really tried with this week’s challenge. I can tell that you love your Grandparents and have a lot of fun with them. I am sure they will love to read this and I hope you show them what you written about them and get them to comment on as well.


  2.   Daniel's Grandma Says:

    Well done Dan. It really is lovely to read such nice comments about us. You wrote it beautifully and we think you are a wonderful Grandson.


  3.   Alice Says:

    I hope you can enjoy lots more days out with with your grandparents.


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