The netball match on Thursday 8th November

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On Thursday 8th November after school the netball team had a match against St.Jones primary school. Worried, excited and terrified because I didn’t know what was going to happen.  Finally, the day was over, we all meet in the hall with Mrs Peet (the netball teacher).  She told us what team were in (I was in the B team and I played last).  Then she sent some people to get the netball post and bring them down to top yard and St.Jones was waiting there.  We set up the post and then we got into our teams.  Me Tegan, Anna and Sophie were practicing for our game, we were passing the ball and running and catch the ball.  After the A team played it was time for the B team to play.  The score for the A team was 0-2.  The B team scored 3-4. The winners were St. Jones.  However Mrs Peet said that we all played well.

Well done to all the netball team.

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  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Tulsi, how wonderful to see you blogging about your netball match. I know that you girls found the match really hard to play and you did really ell, making High Lawn so proud.
    Thank you for trying to include a 3_ed sentence, bt remeber you need to check your sentence to make sure that they make sense as well. Read that sentence again and tell me if it makes sense to you? Have another go at writing it.


  2.   Chloe (Maple Class) Says:

    Hi Tulsiv,
    Well Done to the Netball team.
    Are you part of the team? I like how you said worried, exited and terrified, because it really describes how you felt. Did the netball team enjoy it? I hope you did.

    Well Done
    From Chloe


  3.   Elise Says:

    Hi did you have a good time it did’ent come up what team you were in so i did’ent know the name of it.I think you would have tried hard.Well played.

    From Elise


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