Parents Evening…..

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Are any of you scared about parents evening? If you are, then why?
Do you think that having parents evening is a good thing?
Are you scared of what Mrs Duxbury is going to tell your parents?
Because I surely know that I am!

Please leave all your fabulous answers as a comment below…
Thank you!

6 Responses to “Parents Evening…..”

  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Well Aamina, now that parents evening has come and gone I am wondering what you though about what I told your mum? I am wondering why you were scared about what I would tell your mum? Let me know what you think.


  2.   Elise Says:

    Well im not too worried about parents evening because nothing bad would happen to you but your parents will say weather its good or bad and weather its been a good report or a bad report.

    From Elise


  3.   Reece Says:

    I was scared before my parents evening. Fortunatly it turned out to be a good report.


  4.   Charlotte D Says:

    I was scared, but then I didn’t worry!


  5.   Aamina N Says:

    Well… At first I was scared but then I calmed down because Mrs Duxbury could not of said anything that bad about me!
    At the end… My mum had told Mrs Duxbury that I dont uplevel my 100wc so now, Mrs Duxbury has been picking on me in Literacy!

    From Aamina :p


    •   Mrs Duxbury Says:

      Yes Aamina, I have been ‘picking’ on you and will continue to do so if you do not uplevel your work. I am sure that you will want to do this as you know it will help to make your work even better.
      (As long as you know that we are having fun together in our learning).


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