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My book is called ‘ The fireworks maker’s daughter ‘.   I am really enjoying this book.  I recommend you read this book because once you read the first page you don’t want to stop.  I got this book today , I couldn’t choose between ‘Georges marvellous medicine’ or ‘The firework makers daughter ‘.  I chose this book because the front cover looked interesting. I cant wait to see what happens next in the story.


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  1.   Tulsi Says:

    Wow Annalese, you make me want to buy the book. What made you want to buy this book? What is your favourite part? Maybe you could of write the introduction and when you have finished the book you could write a summarise.

    From Tulsi.


  2.   annalese Says:

    The front cover looked unusual, my favourite part was when Lila made some knew fireworks. I am enjoying this book I think you should read this book.


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