Tulsi’s 100 word challenge week 7

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Walking out of breath down the misty, ancient road.  The day was late, we wanted to go to the spooky, battered house at the end of the road.  We finally approached it.  The house of horror, there it was right in front of our faces.  We tip-toed up the driveway.  The wide, dusty driveway.  I went to open the creeky door.  The hinges looked ancient and rusty.  Foot by foot the floorboards creaked.  Our hearts pounding as it felt like my brain was going to come out of my ear.  There.  In the distant.  All I could see were two red eyes…

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1)148 Deep inside of the forest.

2)127 The soul stealer

3 Responses to “Tulsi’s 100 word challenge week 7”

  1.   Mr White Says:

    Wow, I really liked your week 7 challenge. You use short sentences for impact really well. I would like the children in my class to learn from your writing. Excellent and thank you.


  2.   ellies Says:

    Dear Tulsi
    I love you story, I particularly like’misty, ancient road’ it really set a brain movie in my head and, it was spectacular, also I love how ‘your brain nearly came out of your ear’ Well Done! Nwxt time why not add a couple of conectives’conserquently,meanwhile’ there are aload out there so keep up the brilliant blogging
    From Ellie


  3.   Fiona(Team100WC) Says:

    Tulsi, you have written a descriptive and imaginative 100WC. I really liked the short sentences which created suspense, plus the “wide, dusty driveway” which created a picture. Keep up your great work!
    Mrs Redwood (Team100WC)


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