The dilapidated, black house- Aamina’s 100 word challenge

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Terrified and scared, my sister and I shivered as we pressed the door bell of

The tall, black ,dilapidated (falling to bits) house. There was an eerie silence.

It was very late at night and a black car slowly drove up the drive

crunching the frosted leaves as it carefully navigated the pot holes.  We

instinctively ran into the nearby woodlands crouching behind a thorny bush.

I remembered my mobile phone  in my pocket; as I reached for it all I could

see was….two big red eyes……


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  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Aamina, I can tell from reading this you have really enjoyed the scary stories that we have been reading. What has impressed me even more are the 2A sentences that I have spotted in your work. Well done for using two adjectives to describe your nouns.


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