My scary story, The tyre tracks

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It was a dark and stormy night; was that a knock at the door, or just another booming heart beat breaking the silence?  Was anyone awake or was it just me all alone in the gloomy bedroom? Was anyone there in the house as they were supposed to be or, were they out, late? Then I noticed, I was alone, no one to comfort me. Emerging from the damp, rotting walls were two gigantic, bulging eyes; coming for me. Were they real? Then I noticed, they were, I could see a light, glowing at my window! What was it? Was something coming to get me? Could anyone save me? They started coming up, higher than they were before. They were climbing up the walls. I froze, couldn’t move at all. Shocked, at the sights I were seeing. Would I survive? Everything was coming closer and closer, I was cornered by myself! Then I saw it rolling across the floor. A model of a truck, following my every move. Then it came closer, stopped. It was covered in blood, scarlet red, velvet blood. It came to me; I fell. It carried moving, coming closer. It drove over me! I got covered in red tire tracks. I ran outside, panting for breath. Then I noticed the model was not a problem, as there I saw the real thing. And my family were inside, I ran, went in my room and then saw it, my very skull!

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  1.   Mum and Dad Says:

    Very acary story Anna with some really great descriptive words! Keep up the good work.


  2.   Mum and Dad Says:

    Apologies for spelling scary wrong!


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