100 word challange week 7- Julia

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Creeking, down the metal stair case, was scary enough to be in a horror film.  Every step made a noise, and evey time it did I spun my head round to make sure no-one was following me.  Finally, I got to the end of the stair case and was on the second floor.  I felt like something was following me, I couldn’t see anything but I could just about imagine someone creeping up on me ready to pounce, like a lion stalking it’s prey.Then infront of me all I could see were two red eyesScreaming, I ran for the door.


Caitlin-Jane-47-Raigmore Primary.

Isabel-20-Warminster Prep.

3 Responses to “100 word challange week 7- Julia”

  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Gosh, I really could feel that something was going to happen… something scary….coming closer and closer. Well done Julia, this was a great piece f writing.


    •   Julia S Says:

      Thank you Mrs Duxbury, I really liked reading the scary stories in class. I am writing my own scary story, at home.


  2.   CharlotteW Says:

    Julia, your story is really good, because you built up tension and created a spooky atmospere. I don’t know if you have proof-red your work, because there was a few silly mistakes.


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