100 word challange week 7: In the sand dunes

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She was at the beach, with me, forriging through the sand dunes.  We looked far down, digging and digging.  Nothing mattered just digging away at the coral couloured sand.  Something glowed, brighter and brighter.  We turned to each other.  In unison screamed.  Tried to get away.  We were stuck, tangled in the seaweed.  Reaching, and tugging for our lives,and soles.  The glow got brighter.  She started to sink.  All I could do was grab on and hope.  Hope for her life.  Then we saw it pearl white and covered in scarlet blood. It was a tooth!  Then all I could see was two red eyes…

then she screamed

“AAARRRGGGHHH!”  She was gone, dissapereard!

Never to be seen her again!

2 Responses to “100 word challange week 7: In the sand dunes”

  1.   lizzy Says:

    Good story but at the end it dosent make sence (Never to be seen her again!) I think it should say and she was never seen again!
    But anyway well done 🙂


  2.   Mrs Skinner Says:

    Hello Anna!
    Well this had everything in it – tension, excitement, tragedy. I have to say that the prompt does seem to have been slipped in. Where did the eyes come from? Have to agree with Lizzy that the very end is a bit odd. you have had a super go at this prompt though and I know I will enjoy reading more of your work!


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